Our Objective is to consistently provide quality for customers through our ethics, vast experience, financial background, skilled labour and business volume.

CV. ALOHA COCONUT FIBER has become the world’s benchmark as far as quality and delivery norms are concerned in the field of coconut fiber 椰子纤维 & coco peat related products.

Born and Bred with a mission, we always care for our customers and we will be loyal to them at all aspects of business.

CV. ALOHA COCONUT FIBER believes in providing a high quality service backed by a friendly efficient staff using the latest technology to give customers what they need at a fair price.

CV. ALOHA COCONUT FIBER has been in business over a six decades and intend to be here for decades to come.

The company has ambitious plans on the anvil. Work is already in progress in many of these projects which include manufacture of coconut fibers and also supply and export Fresh coconuts semi husked 老椰子, a product from Coconut

CV. ALOHA COCONUT FIBER infrastructural facilities, man power management and work ethos are very fine tuned and streamlined to ensure at most efficiency and sense of commitment at all levels of function.

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